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William Leslie Comyn - San Francisco Shipbuilding company - S.S. Faith

William L. Comyn was an important business man, shipowner of the first concrete ship.

During World War I, he tried to convince several shipping companies to built this kind of ships, but he didn't succeed.

As a result, he created the San Francisco Shipbuilding Company -1917- in Oakland California.

In January 1918, he began to built the first concrete ship, named Faith, and designed by Alan Macdonald and Victor Poss.

SS Faith was able to pull 8000 tons, so it was the biggest ship of its time in the world when launched.

The first journeys headed to Honolulu, Balboa, Callao, Valparaíso y Nueva York.

In 1919 Comyn sold his company to French American SS Lines.

After the World War I, 12 concrete ships were build and used for commerce as soon as the World War ended.

In 1921, the SS Faith ended his life as a breakwater in Cuba.

Nowadays these ships are not constructed any longer, they are part of the history of Navigation as cheaper boats became more popular.




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