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Here you have several series of photos, bought separately, but gathered according to the date, location, style or history.



"Walking through vintage photography: a brief story of history"  (452 scans)


This is a self-made résumé of the history of the photography ilustrated with some of my personal photos (**Text in Spanish).

Pequeño resumen de la evolución de la fotografía antígua ejemplificado con fotos de muchos autores. Centrado en la evolución de la misma en España.

"Spanish photography" (1930-1960) (337 scans)


This is not the aim of my collection, but these collections of the Spanish national Patronage of Information and Turism and the Ministerio de Interior (1938-1939) are a great lot of Spanish monuments and people of the early-mid XX century images.


- Spanish patronage of information and Turism (1930-1960)

(274 scans)   (Patronato de Información y Turismo)


- Ministerio de interior: Junta técnica (1938-1939)

(63 scans) Paisajes y tipos populares. 

Fotógrafo: Marqués de Santa María del Villar


(**Text in Spanish)

Agency photographs and WWII (1920-1950) (119 scans)


Vintage photographs of journalim. Here is a compilation of antique pictures of photo agency. Mainly with vintage pictures of the WWII (World War II) and pictures of famous people like Ava Gardner, Groucho Marx or John Glenn.


Fotografías de agencias de fotoperiodismo. Fotografía principalmente de la Segunda Guerra Mundial y también fotografía antigua de la guerra civil española (**Text in Spanish and English)

Cartes de visite (1860-1880) (34 scans)


The cartes de visite were invented by Disderi in 1854. This size (9x6 cm) easily became popular all around the world.

Any kind of vintage photography collection has this type of photographies as they are the easiest photos to find in the shops due to the big amount of pieces made. 


Cartas de visita antiguas.  (**Text in Spanish)

Cabinet Cards (32 scans)


This kind of photos were the substitute of the Cartes the Visite during the 1880's due to their bigger size (14x10 cm). Their life span in the markets was very short as many different formats for portraits appeared shortly after. As in many of the cartes de visite, these photos have at their back the name of the photographer along with the prizes won on international competitions. 


Fotos de Gabinete antiguas. (**Text in Spanish)

Rare pieces of photography (33 scans)


This is a compilation of several photos we could consider rare photos due to their size, style, composition or just because of their rare beauty.

Fotografía de gran tamaño antigua (**Text in Spanish)



Walking vintage Spanish photography Agency photography Cartes de visite Gabinete Rare pieces