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Here you have the samples of complete series of photos gathered as albums creating singles themes.



"L'Architecture americaine", by Albert Levy (40 scans)


Deuxieme serie of a magnificent serie of three photo books by Albert Levy. Buildings of cities like New York, Chicago or Boston have been photographed for this 40 albumen photo album published in 1886.

"Villas et chalets pittoresques", by Albert Levy (36 scans)


Magnificent albumen photo album by Albert Levy. Villas of the rich people from Paris and North America who had their summer residence in towns like Houlgate, Trouvilles or Deauville.

"Façades de maisons, villas et hôtels à Paris et aux environs ", by Pierre Lampué (40 scans)


This is one of the oldest architectural album in this web (c.1870). It has the same edition style as "L'architecture americaine", including the cover. The photos are in perfect conditions. The photographer, Lampue, belongs to the "École the Beax-Arts the Paris".

"Pompei", by Robert Rive (20 scans)


Very antique photo album (c.1860) by Robert Rive. Very well known images from Pompei's ruins have been photographed. Every photo is identified and some of them have people to complete the history.

"Scottish scenery", by Georges W. Wilson (11 scans)


Great album of the classic photographer Georges Wilson. He did a great job to collect this home scenery photo album, with landscapes, cities and castles from Scotland circa 1870's.

"Tours in Scotland", by Georges W. Wilson (27 scans)


Another great album of Georges Washington Wilson c.1870. This album has 93 photos of several sizes gathered in an album with the abreviatons G.J.S. on its cover. Here you have photos of lochs (Ness), castles (Balmoral), landscapes (Glencoe) and cities (Edinburgh).

"Recuerdo de la visita de S.A.R el infante D. Fdo. María de Baviera y Borbón y de la embajada española en el año de 1921, durante la administración del Benemérito General Juan Vicente Gómez", by Pedro Ignacio Manrique (27 scans)


This album is a present of Venezuela to D. Fernado María de Baviera y Borbón (brother-in-law of Spanish King Alfonso XIII) as a souvenir of his official visit to Venezuela in 1921.  The photographer is one of the greatest in Venezuela's history (**Text in Spanish).

"Fábrica de conservas Albo" (fotógrafo desconocido) (12 scans)


Photography of workers in Galicia (Northern Spain). Albo is an important factory of conserves that was photographed by an unknown photographer (maybe Pacheco) in 1935. Album with 16 gelatin bromide photographs. (**Text in Spanish).

"Le XXIII Congrès Eucharistique International", Vienne 1912 (Wilhem Muller) (26 scans)


25 photos of the procession around Vienne of the attendees at the Congres Eucharistique in 1912. The album is in very good condition. Not only religious people were photographied, but also important figures from Austria, with the streets really crowed (**Text in Spanish).

Roma (unknown photographer) (12 scans)


30 photos of very well known places in Rome like the Colisseum or ruins on the surroundings circa 1890's. Every photo of the album has the description of  the place.

"Visita de S.E. el Jefe del Estado a los talleres de La Maquinista Terrestre y Marítima de Barcelona", by Brangulí (27 scans)


Photography album of the visit of Franco to one of the most important factories in Spain for the production of trains. This is a great example of photoperiodism compiled in a very well preserved album of 1947. (**Text in Spanish).

"Ricordo della Certosa de Pavia" (Giacomo Rossetti) (18 scans)


1860's photography album of one of the greatest monestries of Italy. Many of the images have monks in it, with vintages photos of the inside and the outside of the monestry.   (**Text in Spanish).

"S.S. Faith, first US concrete ship" (Service Studio Foto) (103 scans)


The SS Faith was the first ship made of concrete and iron. This 100 photos album shows all the steps of its construction during the three months it took in 1918. Workers, insights, engineers, travellers and first trip are in this album.  (**Text in Spanish and English).

"Views of Highway Construction. State of Oregon. USA" (Arthur M. Prentiss) (41 scans)


The Columbia river Highway is an US National Landmark considered a scenic highway. These vintage images of the highway (c.1917) were made by the photographer Arthur Prentiss just after the construction. All the images are referenced in this high quality images album. It also includes 5 images of the John Day highway.

"Recuerdo de Barcelona" (Oriol) (20 scans)


This album, by the photographer Oriol, shows 20 vintage pictures of Barcelona c. 1915 in a luxury album. The photos are signed with a bird and in very good condition. (**Text in Spanish)

"Seville" (Emilio Beauchy) (24 scans)


Album c.1890 of Seville, completely in French. This is a reason why the photographer may be Emilio Beauchy. All the photos, many with people, describe the place they represent in French. (**Text in Spanish)

"Venture" London-Brighton 1911 (unkown photographer) (20 scans)


This album is probably a present of Alfred G. Vanderbilt to his friends. It shows his personal trip in 1911 from London to Brighton riding the coach known as Venture. This coach still exists nowadays, and the trip was reported even in newspapers like the New York Times.

"Instituto nacional de colonización" (Francisco Pérez Aparisi) (29 scans)

intituto nacional de colonizacion  015.jpg

Album de fotografías realizado por el Instituto Nacional de Colonización mostrando las nuevas construcciones realizadas a lo largo de España

"Asilo Durán" 1910 (unkown photographer) (12 scans)

asilo duran barcelona

Album de fotografías antiguas del Asilo Durán de Barcelona, escuela de reforma, mostrando tanto las instalaciones como los trabajos de los niños.

Grand tour (several photographers) (160 scans)

Grand Tour albumen photo

Album con gran cantidad de fotos de un viajero que recorrió Italia, Francia, Montecarlo, España e Inglaterra guardando fotos de los más importantes fotógrafos de cada lugar.






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