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These pictures belong to a luxuriously bound album entitled

 Duran Asylum Reform School BarcelonaWith these data, one begins to see the pictures and can not help but think, believe, that we are facing an exemplary middle school teaching.

In the first pictures you look, not realizing at all, which has high fences which should make us think a little about the word reform that brings the album.But a stroll through the photos shows young people from 10-15 years properly dressed, almost well dressed, in a peaceful environment as we learn different trades are indicating captions.In short an album dedicated, as we read in the first pageEugenio Cuello Calon (Salamanca, 1879, Santander, 1963) Spanish lawyer. He was a professor of criminal law at the universities of Barcelona and Madrid. He wrote several books, among which criminal law: Penology (1920) and the new penology (1958)Seeking information on this meeting that a publication lawyer tells us that he was one of those involved in the child justice reform in Spain

    The reception of the doctrines correccionalistas in Spain.Education policies and methodologies psychoeducationalAngel C. Barcelona MoreuUniversidad............. According Neck, the true sense of the new relationships that were established between the child and justice had to be:protect and safeguard all children abandoned, abused, all minors vicious, devoid of moral support, whether or not criminal in the legal sense. The fact that the child has committed a crime, in most cases there is more than an accident, many children who have not broken the laws are more dangerous and are in most need of reforming others who have committed crimes .......... Neck juvenile justice saw as a means of safeguarding the rights of a group of children that society or nature had led to a situation of need or distress that had to mitigate and, where appropriate, correct ..... ....In summaryAn album that shows the goodness of this school dedicated to a jurist who dedicated his life to that end.But none of that is true when we started looking for information on the Internet Duran Asylum.The photographs we hide the reality of the center, are propaganda by a photographer by profession and planned staging.The Asylum was led by members of the religious congregation of St. Peter ad Vincula

However, the reality that we have these pictures, the friendly nature documentary hide the light of the data of other publications that the reality was different, it was a hard center:


Carlos Sanchez Valverde

Publications of the Government of Catalonia

The Asylum Duran: the example of what not to be

Duran Toribio of asylum, we've talked. In fact a company is diligent, because this institution, mixed (half public, half private), which was originally located in the parish of Santa Maria de Gracia and, later, moved to the street Vilana Sarrià (to rooms today the clinic is located Teknon) itself could well serve as a thread of a story of reform centers in Barcelona, by continuity and longevity.
And yet, as an exponent of the tradition of closed residential centers dedicated to children and youth with social adjustment problems, socio little control centers, generally in the hands of religious orders lower, with a staff that did not have the slightest degree of teacher training and thought everything was solved with "belts and prayers" model that has had many followers in our history care.
The Asylum Durán de Barcelona was heir of the first houses that the City Reforma created at the beginning of the nineteenth century, and acquired its definitive joint as a result of a donation from businessman patron Toribio Durán, which enabled the construction of the center and its opening in 1890. Was organized as a center of reform, paternal and criminal youth, using the special law reform Homes January 1883.

The pictures reproduced

old building




Body Repair



dining room



Drawing room

Party room 

In order to teach an old photo that is not always true, was taught reality.

The photo tricks, disguises, teach, remember, many are qualities or defects as we think we have the photos but in any case documented a while but do not by themselves, need to know their environment to understand the issue.

Here, photographer certainly fulfilled the order received and possibly it was unaware of the background of what was photographing, of course you always have to keep in mind that

"when we judge past events must make under the laws of the time," then we can compare with the current laws.


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