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Arthur Prentiss was an American photographer born c.1865 and died c.1940.

He started working at Marshfield, Oregon, in 1908. He worked for the main photographic studios in Oregon between 1913 and 1922.

He moved to Portland where was an early photographer for the Union Pacific Railroad.


In 1913, the photographer Arthur Prentiss joined the Weister Company. The Weister Company was established by George M. Weister in 1895 in Portland, Oregon, selling lantern slides an photographic supplies.


In 1917 Prentiss joined Benjamin A. Gifford, famous Oregon photographer and established the “Gifford and Prentiss” Inc. The Gifford & Prentiss Studio was located on SW Washington between Twelfth and Thirteenth street in Portland and lasted until Gifford retired in 1920. Note that Benjamin Gifford bought Kiser (Kiser Photo Co. Photographs) and many of them are housed in the Gifford and Prentiss photograph collection.


In 1922, Prentiss adquired Weister's Studio and negatives.


Arthur M. Prentiss principal studio, as a single professional photographer, was in 45 Fourth Street in Portland Oregon.


The Gifford photographs collection (Oregon Historical Society, Research Library)contains photographs taken by Benjamin A. Gifford, working alone and in partnerships with Herbert Hale as Gifford & Hale and with Arthur M. Prentiss as Gifford & Prentiss.


Their views of the Columbia River Gorge and the Oregon Coast were published in brochures and other publications.


Photographs by Prentiss are the main part of the nine albums of the Brice P. Disque photographs of the Spruce Production Division of the Bureau of Aircraft Division.


This photographs are a “documentation of construction of logging camps, mills, logging roads and railroads; camp life and the civilians and military personnel engaged in the project; and timber felling, transport, and milling operations”(see  University of Oregon Historic Photograph Collections Brice P. Disque photographs, c. 1912-1950).


In 1922 Prentiss adquired Weister’ s Studio and negatives.

The University of Oregon holds “The Angelus Studio photographs collection” which included  photographs by Georges Weister, by  Arthur Prentiss and also photographs from the Angelus Studio Commercial Photo Company.



Collections with Prentiss vintage photographs (alone and in associaton with Gifford)


Pioneer statue, campus of the ... Digital ID: 93786. New York Public Library 

Image ID: 93786

Pioneer statue, campus of the University of Oregon



In December 2008, there was an exhibition by the Portland Art Museum titled "Wild Beauty", with pictures by Charles E. Watkins, Arthur Prentiss, Fred Kiser, Lily E. White, William Henry Jackon and others.

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