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Venture vanderbilt


The city of Brighton was one of the favourites places of the highstanding society of London in the XIX century to spend their holidays in its spa's.

The road that connected both cities was constantly improved throughout the years as the time spent to go from one city to the other was being reduced.

In 1875, the new road is finished.

In 1888, Jim Selby established the record from London to Brighton and back to London in 7 hours and 30 minutes. The start was in Hacketts, in Picadilly and the finish line was in Old Ship Hotel in Brighton. He made the trip with the coach called Old Times.

NY Times, 28th March 1908

Alfred W. Vanderbilt was famous American millionaire and important member of Vanderbilt's family. He was an amateur sportman that loved driving coaches. He made several trips in the United States on board of his coach called Venture. Newspapers talked about his journeys as the NY on 10th September 1907.

“Eight blood horses, brought from Kentucky for the purpose, drew the coach. The horses are high steppers and speedy, and represent an outlay of many thousand of dollars.
Mr Vanderbilt wore a pepper and salt sack suit , with red and white carnations in their appointed buttonhole; tan shoes, a fluffy white tie, and a gray hat with broad black band”


NY times  1 September 10th, 1907 trip to Ardsley Club and return.

In 1908, he travels to London with his "Venture" to complete de journey between London and Brighton. This album is the memory of this trip that finally took place in 1911.


This is a small-luxury photography album that includes Alfred Vanderbilt's personal card. So, it is supposed to be a present for someone near, a relative or a friend. I guess this is a rare lovely album that is a souvenir showing the hobby of a rich person.


Alfred Vanderbilt died in the sinking of the ship Lusitania, which received a torpedo of the submarine U-20. During the attack, he behave like a hero as he gave his lifevest and position on a boat to a woman and his son.






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