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pompei robert rive


This is the oldest photo album of this collection, circa 1860's. Here we have a photo album with 40 photos of Pompei, Italy. These are some of the very first photos of the ruins of Pompei.

The photographer, Robert Rive, was a painter when he starte. Later, he became a photographer known as Roberto Rive. The photos are all identified wih their number and a title of Pompei's city.


In this capital letters of the image is included the photographer’s signature

Pompei was a destroyed in the year 79 A. C.  In 1748, the king of Naples Carlos, afterwards King of Spain named Carlos III promoted the works in Pompei to show the city. Pompei is the only Roman City kept as it was in his time. The eruption stopped the city and their citizens and know we can walk in its streets and know perfectly how life was in Roman times.

This album was made for the first tourists who came to Italy in the annual tour the rich made all over the world in the XIX century. France, Italy and the Middle East were the main countries to visit.



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