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ROBERT RIVE, The photographer


Robert Rive was born in Great Britain.

He developed most of his work in Italy. After several years working in this country he changed his name to Roberto Rive.

Highlights of his work are the photos from Pompei and Rome.

Rive exhibited at the 10 th. Annual Exhibition of the Photographie

Robert Rive worked as a topographical and portrait photographer  from the beginning of the 1860`s until 1889 in Naples.  In 1867 he took part at the Exposition Universelle of Paris. His studio produced views and stereographs of many Italian cities.

He took photographs of monuments of Naples, Pompei, Sorrento, Capri , Amalfi and  monuments of Sicily. He also tooks photographs of cities as Florence, Pisa, Siena, Roma and Genova. He patented a photosensitive paper used in Southern Italy.
Studios in Naples, Palazzo Serracapriola, Palazzo Lieti.


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"... in Naples, Giorgio Sommer and Robert Rive began a systematic census of the monuments and daily life, in an amazing collection that provided information on Campania and Sicily. It was then that the pictures of Vesuvius and Etna proliferated and were added to the views so appreciated by tourists up to then..."

Robert Rive was born in Breslau from a French Huguenot family. In his early years he went to Naples and founded an important photographic firm that was active from the beginning of the 1860s until the 1890s.
He had his studio in Palazzo Serracapriola (Riviera di Chiaia 215), then in Vico Carminello 38 until 1865, when it moved to Palazzo Lieti, via Toledo 317, and after 1886 in Salita San Filippo, Riviera di Chiaia, 15 and 21. The firm participated at the International Exhibition in Paris in 1867.
Rive was one of the first to cover the whole of Italy with his photographic campaigns, from the Lombard Lakes and Venice down to Sicily. His work is constantly marked by a landscapist’s vocation, which imbues even his views of towns and of architectures
Giovanni Fanelli, with the collaboration of Barbara Mazza, Robert Rive (Firenze: Mauro Pagliai Editore, 2010) [ISBN: 978-88-564-0123-3].



Ver Italia y morir: fotografía y pintura en la Italia del siglo XIX BNF
La mirada arqueológica

Artistas y viajeros en búsqueda de una imagen "auténtica" de la Antigüedad están particularmente atentos a los descubrimientos realizados en Pompeya y en Herculano. La mayoría de las fotografías muestra yacimientos desiertos, teñidos de una poesía melancólica. Muchas de entre éstas son obra de viajeros británicos o franceses, pero también de fotógrafos establecidos en Nápoles, Michele Amodio, Alphonse Bernoud, Roberto Rive o Giorgio Sommer.

Robert Rive Vues de Paris Gallica



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