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(en) Vintage photography Paris. Architectural photography France XIX century photograph is part of an album with 40 albumins on card titled: "Facade of maisons, ville et Hôtels à Paris" c. 1880

The photographer' s name is Lampue Pierre who was the official photographer of the School of Fine Arts, Architecture in Paris.

The photograph of buildings, both indoor and outdoor boom hit in France where many photographers.
The photographers by own instance, or by official commissions are going to collect the history of France and especially Paris with their cameras.

Lampue was at his time one of the most famous French photographers.

This album is released E. Ducher one of the most reputable publishers of books on art and architecture and photography of its time.( 1870/80's)

Fevrier The architect was the designer of this house but have not found any information on his biography


miércoles 27 de octubre de 2010
(en) Vintage photography Certosa di Pavia. Vintage photography cartusian monks Italy this photo, taken from a slightly elevated viewpoint, we can see two monks posing at the entrance to one of the doors of the Certosa di Pavia.

The monks are quiet, not to get " blurred" in the picture due to the high exposure time needed by the primitive cameras.

This photo belongs to an album, has cut corners, typical of the early days of the pictures on paper, and also is pasted in blue carboard typical of the early 1860's.

Alinari Museum completed consultation I did indicated that the date of the photo is 1860 but they couldn't give me the name of the photographer.

If you have any information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


(en) Vintage photography Albert Levy. Architectural photography time Albert Levy leaves New York in search of new architectures to photograph.

His steps led him to Boston where he made this picture of the house of Mr. Washburn.
I could not get information about the owner. About " Allen & Kenway" architects I have located several buildings designed by them but yet I failed to get a biographical data of them.

This picture is included in the files of the Collection Halic the Art Institute of Chicago as seen in the following link Halic.

Albert Levy conducted an extensive series of photographs of architecture in the U.S. between 1875-1885. These photos were gathered in so-called "Albert Levy's Photographic Series of Modern American Architecture".

Several albums of these series are in the best American museums such as the Metropolitan, Getty, Library of Congress, Avery Library.
The photographic catalog of the photographs made by Albert Levy can be found in the Avery Library and the BNF ( Bibliotheque National de France)


(en) Vintage photography Oregon, Highway. Photographer Arthur Prentiss picture depicts one of the highways of Oregon's the "John Day River Highway"
The title of this photographs is "John Day River and Rim Rocks. John Day Highway in Wheeler County".

Prentiss collected here another view of this Oregon Trail near the Columbia River Highway and intersects with U.S. Route 395.

The desolation of the landscape, not devoid of beauty by the proximity of the river, shows the difficulty of the work of opening new roads in the western U.S. state of Oregon.

Prentiss, a photographer based in Oregon had its main studio in Portland. Previously shared a studio with George Benjamin Gifford and Weisten.


(en) Vintage photography Tour in Scotland. Georges Washington Wilson photographer George Washington Wilson was one of the most important photographers in the world in the XIX century. His study did thousands of photographs of Scotland, England and Europe. He is owned to be the creator of the "Cabinet Card"

The quality of his photographs is really good but the abundance of its production has made today, even when his photos are in the best museums, not sufficiently recognized.

Wilson's photographic collections are preserved in the University of Aberdeen.

This photo is part of an album entitled "Tours in Scotland" and brings together over 100 photographs of places in Scotland, common theme in Wilson.

Anecdotally, we must remember that his studio photographers visited Spain, especially Andalusia.
The picture depicts a view of Melrose Abbey



miércoles 20 de octubre de 2010 Vintage photography of the shipbuilding of the S.S. Faith , concrete ship. Oackand 1918
The photo shows us the construction of the deck in a reinforced concrete vessel. The tubes hold the frame that is to receive the concrete forming structure of the boat.

The air fleet in this picture a few special effects that provide great beauty.
Curiously, this album of photos of the boat S.S. Faith, formed by more than 100 pictures was bought in USA.

The photos were taken by the agency Photo Service Studio 123 Market St.
The ship was built by the San Francisco Shipbuilding Company of Oakland California.



lunes 18 de octubre de 2010
Exposiciones para fotografiar. Exposición Museo Reina Sofia Madrid
El Museo Reina Sofía permite la fotografia, sin flash, en todas sus salas excepto en la sala del Guernica.
Esta es una buena noticia pues es un ambiente adecuado a las fotografía. No estamos hablando,obvviamente, de las series de Tomas Struth sobre este objeto sino mas bien, sencillamente, fotos de ambiente, de gente aislada dentro de un ambiente de mucha gente.

Ademas conviene recordar que en la terraza, en la tercera planta del edificio se puede subir y hacer fotos de Madrid desde un punto elevado.
Es uno de los sitios habituales para pasear con la camara. Mismamente,la propia plaza de acceso al Museo,actualmente en obras es otro sitio ideal como objetivo de la camara.


Fotos. alonso robisco

domingo 17 de octubre de 2010

(en) Vintage photography Spain. Photographer Marques de Santa Maria del Villar
This photo shows some old houses in the small town of Bande in Orense.
In this village we can see from the following web Esgalicia: Bande

The Marquis of Santa Maria del Villar was in its first period of work, a great pictorialist photographer, afterwards he took a documentary character with a human standpoint,which is the most important characteristic of his photographs

He was one of the promoters of the "National Tourism Board" which later became the Governement Department of Tourism.

The Photographic Archives of the Directorate General of Tourism (Direccion General de Turismo" in spanish) is one of the most extensive archive of Spain with of the period 1928-1970. It includes photographs of almost every town in Spain and also the most important monuments many of them today dissapeared.

The selection of the photographers involved followed two paths, first direct acquisition of images to existing photo-archives as they were the arhives of the spanish photographers LLadó, Ruiz Vernacci, Otto Wunderlich, Adolf Mas and many other. On the other hand direct assignment photographers of each location to photography their towns and/or monuments

Great photographers, like Ortiz Echagüe or Catalá Roca Ortiz, also sent his work to increase the photographic funds of the archive of "Direccion General de Turismo".
You can see about photographs of this archive with Google earth in the Spanish link
Catalogo Monumental de España




















viernes 15 de octubre de 2010
(en) Vintage photography Pompei. Photographer Robert Rive
This picture depicts a view of the city of Pompeii: "Fontana della Strada dell 'Abbondanza".
The sight of the cobbled street that rotates on its horizon line by a tree, thereby achieving a sense of depth.
Robert Rive was a British photographer who came to Italy in mid-nineteenth century and settled in Naples and also in Rome.

This photo belongs to an album dedicated to be the "souvenir" for the first tourists who came to see the newly discovered city of Pompeii.

The photos can be dated to 1870t's, the first time period of the photographic work of Rive in Pompei.
The signature of Rive is included in the letters of the title of the album in very small size almost unseen.
Rive photos are found in both Italian and British Museums.


miércoles 13 de octubre de 2010
(en) Vintage photography France. Vintage architectural photography picture includes the building designed by architect E. Delaistre in the town of Villers north of Paris.
The photo shows a magnificent, luxurious, as is usual in Levy's architectural photography pictures .

In fact Albert Levy is one of the best French photographers in the field of architectural photography of this time 1870-1890's, giving the special and rare circumstances which once had open studios on both sides of the Atlantic in New York and Paris.

This photo is from the album "Pittoresques Villas et Chalets" which, in turn, is part of the work (108 photos, three albums) titled:
"Recueil des nouveilles habitations pittoreque photographique de France urbaines et rurales en pierre, brique, bois, ..."

Albert Levy photos are in the best museums of American photography as well as in major libraries in the country. As Levy did not sign his works is usually necessary to locate in their respective albums of the photographer where the data contained in the index.
Only in the "Albert Levy's Architectural Photographic series" he used blindstamp with his name and N.Y. adress. The catalog of Albert Levy with all his work until 1887 is located in the BNF and Avery Library


martes 12 de octubre de 2010
(en) Liberation of Channel Islands Jersey in World War II of Channel Islands Jersey
Prisoners going aboard L.S. T. bound for England.















domingo 10 de octubre de 2010
(en) The capture of Mandalay. World War II photograph
It was announced on March 5th that as a result of a dramatic surprise thrust by a strong armoured column, British and Indian troops of the 19th Indian Division Dagger Division had fought their way to Mandalay.
Twelve day later, Fort Dufferin, last remaining stronghold of the Japonese in the city, fell into British hand
The fort is a square with sides a mile and a quarter long, right in the heart of Mandalay
Picture shows
General Ress, 19th Divisional Commander, directing the Battle of Mandalay
















viernes 8 de octubre de 2010
Fotógrafo desconocido. Fotografía antigua Plaza de San Pedro y Basilica Vaticana. ante una de las imágenes más conocidas de Roma y tambien una de las más reproducidas en todo tipo de medios: La plaza de San Pedro de Roma.

Como se observa lleva una pequeña cartela en la parte inferior que indica el lugar pero no el nombre del fotógrafo.

La foto pertenece a un álbum titulado "Roma".
La foto nos muestra la plaza casi sin gente si bien en la parte inferior derecha observamos unos carruajes, posiblemente los primeros taxis de Roma para llevar a los turistas de visita a la ciudad.





miércoles 6 de octubre de 2010
(en) Vintage photography shipbuilding concrete ship. Concrete ship S.S. Faith








In these two pictures we see, to complete the construction of the ship S. S. Faith in the yards of the San Francisco Shipbuilding Company in Oakland California in 1918.

This ship, built of reinforced concrete, was the first U.S. made with these materials.

Were used as being the time of the First World War
, there was a shortage of iron and wood and the concrete was a cheap material

President Wilson ordere the construction of 21 ships of this type but only 3 were done.
These boats were used mainly in Europe and barges in inland waters.


domingo 3 de octubre de 2010
Fotógrafo desconocido. Fotografia antigua Roma. Piazza del Quirinale e fontanaía perteneciente a un álbum recuerdo de Roma magníficamente conservado.
Estos albumes eran vendidos por casas fotográficas que , a veces, eran personales de un fotógrafo que se identificaba en el índice y en las mismas fotos y otras veces, como es este caso, compraban las fotos a diferentes fotógrafos que se mantienen en el anonimato.

En este caso estamos ante uno de los álbumes sin autor conocido pero con una calidad media de fotos alta.
La foto aquí representada es, posiblemente, la mejor de todas por la animación que le da un grupo de personas posiblemente vendedores que ocupan la parte baja de la fuente situada en la Plaza del Quirinal de Roma.
El Monte Quirinal es una de las siete colinas de Roma.
En esta plaza se encuentra la residencia del primer Ministro de Italia.


viernes 1 de octubre de 2010
(en) Photographer Georges Washington Wilson. Vintage photography Scotland. photograph representing the "Isle of Ellen Katrine in the Scottish loch". The photographer frames the view of the island between the branches of a tree and so he achieved to give depth to the image.

Wilson was a Scottish photographer whose albums collected pictures of his native Scotland and throughout the UK. Its activity was also extended to different parts of Europe including Spain.

The quality of the photos of Wilson is very high and their formats vary, usually between 14x10 cm. to 24x36 cm.

The photos are sold either individually or in albums, called the Tour more often, in this case "Tours in Scotland".

Wilson photos on the negative lead of the place name and number.
His photos are found in numerous museums and its photographic archives are at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.




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